Anna's Journey

In my own little corner

In Istanbul on June 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm

It’s 1:30 pm, and the Call to Prayer blasts throughout Istanbul. A man’s voice, praying, chanting, bounces off walls and echoes into every corner of the city. Inside homes and mosques, people are kneeling, touching the tops of their heads to the floor in prayer. Outside, the chaos continues as though no one hears. Trams barrel through the streets, taxis honk and cut off pedestrians, men nose up beside innocent tourists, tempting them with boat cruises, lunch menus, jewelry. Women with head scarves and long skirts hold the hands of wandering children, while young teens in tank tops chew on corn on the cob, giggling. People are everywhere, and the noise of the city beats down, forcing one to retreat to the safety and quiet of her hostel room, her own tiny corner of the world.

Such has been travel in Turkey. In the morning, after a simple Turkish breakfast of Çay tea, tomato slices, cucumbers, cheese, olives, and bread, we burst into the world. We explored ancient, stunning mosques in Istanbul, bizarre fairy chimneys in Goreme, 18th century Ottoman homes in Safranbolu, and the blue waters of the Black Sea in Amasra. And each day, after horseback riding, audio tours, or a boat cruise, we returned to our little room to relax. The room could be in the second floor of a bustling youth hostel, inside a cool stone cave, or even within the aforementioned 18th century Ottoman home. But regardless, when traveling, it is important to find one’s own little piece of the world to relax and refresh before barging once more into an adventure.

We only have two more days abroad. After that, I return to begin to build my own little corner of the world in Boston. To find a car, an apartment, begin full-time teaching for the first time, and building a life. I’m not sure if the Taste of Olives will continue beyond this post; it was meant to be a blog to keep you posted on my Spanish adventures.

But life is continuing, as is my adoration of olives, so….why not? 🙂

Escaping the rain in the Hagia Sofia

Fairy chimneys left by a powerful volcano thousands of years ago

The Black Sea, baby!

"Blergh, why did we even come to Ankara?!"

Our sweet pad in an 18th century Ottoman home


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