Anna's Journey

The final chapter

In Salamanca on June 11, 2011 at 5:36 pm

After a lovely week of dining and driving through Lisbon with my warm Portuguese cousins, Jason and I crossed the border back into Spain for our final six days. This time, we paid our farewells to sleepy Andalucia and headed north. After a brief stop in the ancient town of Merida, where some of the oldest ruins of Spain lie squeezed between painted white homes, we bussed up to Salamanca.

Salamanca greeted us with a fury of culture and life that I haven’t experienced since Boston. Yesterday, we dined on faux-meatballs and cous cous at a vegetarian restaurant, stumbled upon a live digital poetry performance, visited a free museum with documents from the Spanish Civil War, and rocked to a concert in a university plaza. Home to an 800-year old university, Salamanca blends cavernous cathedrals and beautiful antique plazas with the freedom and expression of modern Spanish students. The sounds from the city drifting through my pension window are a mix of the shouts of students marching in the streets against corruption and the kazoos of bachelor and bachelorette parties. I feel as though I am emerging from the protective cocoon of Sanlucar and into the sometimes harsh and always exciting realities of a city.

From here, we are taking the train to Madrid for a final Spanish farewell, and then flying mid-week to Istanbul to begin our Turkish travels. The final chapter of our European adventure!

By the way, I have learned to love the taste of olives.

Sisters reunited in Lisbon!

A protest sign in Salamanca reads: "Stop feeding the debt"

Ooold books at the library of the 800-year old Salamanca university


Hanging out at the cathedral


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