Anna's Journey

La Cabalgata

In Sanlucar la Mayor on January 5, 2011 at 7:02 pm

On Christmas, Santa Claus slides down the chimney and leaves presents under the tree.

In La Cabalgata, the three Kings – along with an entourage of queens, princesses, clowns, Native Americans, and Flintstones – travel throughout the town throwing candy, soccer balls, olives, and other goodies from 12-foot floats.

Which sounds more fun?

La Cabalgata consists of a giant parade the night before the Dia de los Reyes. The parade lasts the entire evening and culminates with everyone from the town and neighboring towns gathering in the main plaza to cheer on the floats. Lady Gaga and Shakira blare from giant speakers and colored lights shine down  as people grab their treats from the sky. One Rey even danced with a 20-kilo leg of jamon high above his head before tossing it into the crowd.

The silent streets of our small town were transformed into a mob scene. I never knew so many people lived here.

Happy Dia de los Reyes!



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