Anna's Journey


In Sanlucar la Mayor on December 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm

  What’s your daily routine?

 I read about the routines of a restaurant owner in New York City this morning, and have been thinking about my own routines.

 A SLOW MORNING I’m a person who snags every opportunity to sleep in, so I usually set my alarm clock for multiple alarms, which gradually wake me up each morning. I take a shower and eat breakfast while trying to decipher the Spanish news on TV. After breakfast, I read the U.S. news on the internet and check my email, or do some last minute preparing for my classes. Then it’s off to catch the bus to Espartinas for work.

 LIFE AT THE COLEGIO At the colegio, my work changes daily, but typically involves observing classes, teaching lessons, and working with small groups of students. I also meet with a teacher or faculty member each day to practice English.

 SIESTA TIME After work, I either take the bus home to eat lunch with Jason (at 3:00) or eat at the home of a family from the school and then tutor their son in English. At home, I work on my job search, watch American series on TV (especially Glee and Modern Family), check email, do some more tutoring or meet with a neighbor to practice Spanish, or walk through the olive trees. Two to three times a week, I go to the local gym for a class called “Body Fitness”, which is kind of like a combo of Zumba, pilates, and weight training.

 DINNER AND RELAX Jason and I cook dinner together and eat around 9:30-10:00. We’ve been trying lately to cut back on meat, so we’ve been making a lot of pasta, stir fry, and salad dishes. After dinner, I read for a bit – right now I’m reading The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan (on loan from Jason’s mom) and El Siglo XX: Europa hasta 1945 (which our landlord left in our apartment), write in my journal, and get ready for bed around 11:30.

 And that’s my life in Spain! Not so different from the U.S, eh?


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