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In Rome on September 28, 2010 at 5:19 pm

What is it that draws couples to Rome? Is it that you are strolling through layers of ancient history together? Or that the pizza, paninis and cheap wine make a romantic dinner easy? Or is it the parks and hidden ruins, perfect for getting lost hand in hand?

 Whatever the reason, Rome is a city of couples. They are an older couple waiting in line at the Sistine Chapel, a middle-aged couple taking pictures together during a tour and a young pair flirting at one of the many outdoor trattorias. We even witnessed a wedding, with the photographer snapping away while the bride and groom jumped in front of the Colosseum at sunset.

 Observing all of these couples flocking to one city made me ponder why certain places are romantic destinations, while others are not. I have not heard of Detroit or Winnipeg considered prime locations for romance. While some adventurous couples will head there arm in arm, these cities are rarely listed in guidebooks as honeymoon material.

 Perhaps it is that Rome is a city of indulgence. When in Rome, it is easy to get lost on one of the many cobblestone streets, only to find yourself standing in front of a gelateria. You can sit and enjoy your tiramisu ice cream while looking over the Fontana di Trevi, listening to the sounds of rushing water and buzzing tourists. After your gelato, you can wander towards the Piazza di Spagna, and eventually find your way to an inexpensive restaurant, where it is typical to order a dinner of two main plates (one pasta and one meat), a salad, wine and plenty of bread. The warm waitstaff will treat you to a fine Italian dining experience.

 When I traveled here for the first – and second – time, I too fell in love, but with the city, not another person. At the end of the day, Rome is a place of striking scenery, awe-inspiring architecture and satisfying food. So perhaps it is the city itself that holds the romance, waiting to welcome travelers into its open embrace.

Sunset in the city center

Who wouldn't fall in love with that?

  1. It sounds like Rome makes it possible and gives you permission to relax, enjoy and indulge. The city sets the table, opens the window and pulls the chair out for you.

    Maybe Winnipeg and Detroit do too. But probably not quite in the same way.

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