Anna's Journey

Twisted streets

In Sevilla on September 19, 2010 at 7:28 pm

 The streets of Boston are confusing, but they are nothing compared to Sevilla. Tightly twisted cobblestone streets open onto bright, bustling plazas full of horse drawn carriages and the gifts the horses leave scattered on the streets. When a car or motorcycle barrels down the streets, pedestrians jump onto the sidewalk to avoid being run over. Streets turn into alleys, and alleys become main roads at the bat of an eye. Ancient Roman ruins and colorful cathedrals pop into sight at every bend.

We are beginning to navigate these streets in our search for an apartment.

 Stay tuned.

Navigating through the orange trees

The cathedral's clanging bells wake up the sleepy center of the city on Sunday

The carriages are lovely, but watch where you step!


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